Sleazy! Top 100 Playlist

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Sleazy! #G-House

This you know G-House? We've got some of the biggest, booty-bass, ass shaking G-tunes going, check them all out here... add playlist




Sleazy! #Continuous Playlist

Here you can find some of our mixed Sleazy albums from both labels in one place, hours of fun... add playlist




Sleazy! #FRESH Playlist

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Sleazy! #Ghetto-Tech

The next big thang? Get involved with the sound of now, Ghetto-Tech, Booty bass business from the Hottest artists & labels in the World... add playlist




Sleazy! #With Love Playlist

Want some more chilled, layed back deep house & nu disco cuts? With Love has all the sexiest cuts for our generation of dance... add playlist




Sleazy! #Underground Playlist

All the best underground jams from the biggest artists & labels smashing the circuit...  add playlist




Sleazy! #Shuffler Playlist

Not to be mistaken for a trendy shuffler on the floor, this is a playlist from our whole Sleazy catalog(s) set to shuffle, discover the sleaze in full... add playlist